Host An AIFF Filmmaker

With the Alameda International Film Festival rapidly approaching, filmmakers from around the world will soon be arriving in the Bay Area to see their films on the festival screen.

We have directors, writers, producers, and actors coming from as close as L.A. and as far away as Ukraine, and this bunch of creatives will be needing a place to stay. We aren’t seeking five-star accommodations for our filmmakers (although we won’t turn the offer down…), just somewhere for them to get some R&R between festival events.

To help reduce the costs for these filmmakers, AIFF is doing all we can to house our filmmakers with friendly Bay Area residents who can show them the ropes of Bay Area living. In turn, AIFF hosts will get the inside scoop on the latest in independent cinema, and will likely receive a few hints and behind-the-scenes details on whichever film their filmmaker created.

What’s more, we’re giving all of our AIFF hosts a complimentary day pass to the festival for as many days as they host – whether that be one, two, or all three days!

Without a doubt, hosting an AIFF filmmaker is the best way to submerge yourself in the AIFF experience. Show off the Bay Area to the cinematic community. Become an AIFF host!

If you’re interested in becoming an AIFF host, send us a message by clicking here.


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